HobbyHorse Art was established in May 2018 and has two principle aims. Firstly, we want to facilitate the art buying process and make it all a bit easier. We operate differently to most galleries in that whilst we hold two annual pop-up exhibitions, in a variety of locations and settings, we predominantly show art online in order to make art collecting as accessible to as many people as possible and at a time of their choosing. Secondly, we aim to be an ‘artist’ friendly gallery. Did you know that most art galleries take around 50% commission and expect artists not only to frame their own work but pay for the transportation of their pieces to exhibitions and shows as well? This is primarily due to the fact that they are constrained by spiraling costs associated with being tied to a premises. At HobbyHorse Art, because we are an online gallery we do not have such constraints. We therefore can take significantly less commission, which benefits both you and the artist. The art is less expensive and more of your money goes directly to the artist.

At HobbyHorse Art, we showcase a wide range of work of varying subject matters by talented artists, some of whom are already established and some of whom are relative newcomers. We try to ensure that our art will suit a range of budgets, so that there is something for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.